Naked Running Band

Not every run requires the need for loads of gear. Sometimes you just want a soft flask, a couple gels, a spot to put your mobile and maybe a place to squeeze your rain jacket, in case you get caught out. That’s where this nifty piece of kit comes in. The Naked Running Band is a simple, but highly effective accessory that allows you to carry a moderate amount of gear in a simple and lightweight belt that sits around your waist.

The belt looks small, but fits a lot more than you think. I’ve managed to carry two soft flasks, a jacket, gloves, gels, phone and my hiking poles, all in absolute comfort – with room to spare! The elastic pockets stretch to fit almost anything. If the item is small, it will firmly fit in and not jiggle around as you run, and larger things, provided they are relatively soft, will mould to the curve of your hips. You can also slide your poles inside the elastic rubber rings on the back. On the front there’s also built in shock cord attachments for your race number.

The total volume is 3 litres, which is generally ample for most long training runs and races under 3 hours, where you don’t have aid stations. As yet, I haven’t had any issues with chaffing or hot spots caused by pressure points. The material has maintained its elasticity, however the writing has worn away a little. But who cares if the branding disappears! The band initially felt too tight, but I quickly got use to it. Getting the sizing right is really important. There’s a chart on the website with the measurements. If you’re not sure exactly what size to go for because you’re somewhere in the middle, then I’d opt for the smaller side.

In summary, the Naked Belt is a worthwhile addition to your kit. It’s practical and comfy and you’ll certainly find a use for it.

You can purchase them here for $65: