Grivel Mountain Runner Comp Running Pack

I must be becoming a mountain runner because I now have two running packs! It seems to be an item people collect a few of as they seek greater comfort or options in load carrying capacity. I bought a pack years ago to do an event and hated it. I sold it the next week. But after borrowing packs a few times for long runs I was convinced by friends to try the new ‘vest’ style ones. The second pack I purchased was a winner!

A Grivel Mountain Runner Comp Pack was given to me to trial after the Hounslow Classic. It is also a ‘vest’ style pack that I feel works best for mountain running. It is listed as having a 5-Litre capacity and uses front mounted bottles to carry fluids (2 x 500ml). Despite it’s small size, it has lots of additional pockets for gels, bars and other gear you take onto the trails when a pack is required. I really like the zippered pockets that allow quick access but also keep gear secure.

Most importantly I like the fit and feel of the Grivel and what’s more adjustments can be easily made before or during a run. This means that as you reduce the amount of liquids you’re carrying or dump/add stuff at an aid station you can easily tighten or loosen the vest. With a few minor modifications you could also use a bladder. It’s certainly comparable in all areas to other packs I have used or checked out, which you could expect from a quality product developed only recently.

The standout feature of the Grivel is its robust construction. It’s built to last but is still light enough to race with. Compared to my other pack it’s 80 grams heavier however I’d rather carry that additional weight and know the pack will survive my next adventure and many more to come!

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Review by Aaron Knight