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563933_511730508912729_1781477556_nWell done on the great start to the site, I have enjoyed all the blogs. Liam’s epiphany particularly resonated. I had a similar moment during the winter and since have noticed I smile occasionally during the easy runs I once detested.

On the massage front, as always, it’s an interesting time of year. While sensible folk take a breather during the festive season, runners embrace the spare time as an opportunity to bury themselves. The track runners are living on the edge, getting ready to launch into the end of season, and the road/trail guys into the big mileage laying down their base. Everyone is working hard – it’s an exciting time and regardless of my racing I’ll live vicariously through their performances.

As for my running, apart from a few days missed due to illness in late August, I don’t recall missing a single step of planned training. For the last nine years I have been within 0.6sec of my 800m PB (1:57:70) – I can’t decide if that is good or bad. Either way, instead of bashing my head against the brick wall again this winter, I reduced the volume a bit and added some faster ‘sprint’ work, which may be why running has suddenly become fun again. Anyway, that’s all done, now the hard work begins…

Next up is a 1500m and a 400m at Club Champs next weekend for Randwick Botany Harriers, leading into an 800m in early February.

AM 9km@4:17kms
PM 8x100m, 6x60m, 2x100m and long cool down

AM 9km@5:05kms
PM 10x600m (2min jog) 2:08ish long grass – moo!

AM 16km@4:42kms
PM 13km including 9x100m Cutdowns

AM 9km@4:53kms
3x300m Hills (jog back) 52, 52, 52
3x300m Hills (7) 45, 43, 44


5km-19ish (3:48ish kms) + 8x200m (2) fastest 29.9 + 650m@2:58kms

500m (10) 400m (8) 300m (6) 200m (4) 100m Hills
1:42, 1:17, 54, 35, 16

*Editors Note: Gary has run sub 11 for 100m, 49.7 for 400m and 1:57:70 for 800m. Despite being a speed machine, he loves the long stuff and has run marathons and even completed 250km+ training weeks while in Japan….so he’s an honorary distance runner!

2 thoughts on “Gary Howard – Masseuse & Runner

  • 8 January 2014 at 7:34 pm

    smiling while running….we’ll have to call you Cheshire cat 🙂

  • 9 January 2014 at 9:45 pm

    One of the most dedicated, over the top and entertaining distance runners you’ll ever meet. Great first blog Tiger, looking forward to more and hope to see a PB on the board by the end of this year!

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