Endura Gels – Fuel on the Go!

Nutrition for endurance running is a very complicated and individual affair. Everyone reacts differently to the food they intake and has their own approach. This is particularly the case with gels. Each brand has a different formula that for some works a treat while for others can do the opposite. So when it comes to reviewing them, there are things that are universal across all gels, and others that we will have an opinion on but it’s best you give them a go yourself to see if they work for you.

endura-barsSo here goes! There are a few pet hates we have with gels. Firstly, being hard to open. These ones are fantastic for when you’re on the go. The top tears off with ease and the opening is wide and allows the gel to come out freely. A second gripe we have with some gels is that they’re hard to consume. Now with the Endura gels there are several flavours, so you’ll finding something you like. Our pick is the Raspberry or the grape. The vanilla was a bit sweet and the coffee, well that’s just not something we liked to taste when 2 hours into a run. That said, as a post race flavour it was pretty good! In terms of viscosity, the gel isn’t too thick and goes down the hatch fast, especially with a gulp of water to help it on its way.

In terms of nutritional value, despite being relatively small and only weighing 35 grams they pack a punch. 444Kj per serving, 26g of carbs of which 10.3g is sugars. Add in 13.7mg of Sodium and 8.5mg of Caffeine and you’ve got a nice and simple mix. The beauty of the simplicity is that it makes these gels very easy to stomach, even after half a dozen of them during a race. Accompanied with a good hydration plan and maybe some salt tablets and these gels will get you through most long training runs and races.

If we had to find a negative, I guess the simplicity of the formula could be one thing and that all the gels contain caffeine…not everyone wants it.