Dave Byrne – The Road to Proper Training Again

1538841_1492087534346287_1349087501013380442_nFor me, The Buffalo Stampede Marathon was a baptism by fire. The most hard core of introductions to the world of SkyRunning imaginable. Actually, this was the case for pretty much everyone that toed the line. As a race, it traversed terrain completely alien to me. From extremely steep climbs to even steeper descents. And across the 41.4km journey it had 2,934m of ascent. That’s a heck of a lot of climbing and essentially the sum total of all the uphill running I’d done in the month prior!

The result of this running insanity was post event fatigue of varying forms. It manifested itself in sore quads, aching Achilles, minor hamstring pain (I have a lot of hammy issues) and general tiredness. Now a lot of people in the distance running fraternity would simply have a few days off and maybe jog around for a week before gradually building up again. I on the other hand prefer a more active recovery and getting back into regular training as quickly as possible. The reasons are threefold.

Firstly, I’m of the belief that if you spend too much time in recovery, say a week off followed by a fortnight of easing into it, then you end up getting relatively unfit. Therefore, once you get stuck into training hard again, if you plan on racing a couple of months later you’re really only ever going to get back into the shape you were in for the last race. This in turn means you may not get improvement between events.

The second reason is that I find if I have too great a period of recovery my joints and tendons really struggle for quite some time to get going again. I often get different forms of tendonopathy that prolongs the time it takes to return to a higher mileage and more productive training. If I keep moving and get back to running longer distances within a week of a race, my body responds better.

Thirdly, I also grow in confidence from race to race, when they’re going well that is! I’ve found that what I learn in each race and the training effect of these hard efforts, gives me more mental resilience and self-belief to be able to train harder. So I put this motivation into practice by getting stuck back into normal traning as soon as possible. To illustrate this, below is my training immediately after the Buffalo Stampede.

10006537_1492087317679642_5231986343811427003_nSunday April 6th
Race Day – 4hrs 25mins (44km including short warmup)

Monday April 7th
Rest (7 hour drive back to Sydney)

Tuesday April 8th
5km jog

Wednesday April 9th

Thursday April 10th

Friday April 11th

Saturday April 12th
17km with hill surges

TOTAL WEEK: Approx 110km

Sunday April 13th
31km (2:15)

Monday April 14th
18.5km (80mins)

Tuesday April 15th
AM – 5km plus gym circuit
PM – 18km with solid 11km (37mins) at the end

Wednesday April 16th
21km (90mins)

Thursday April 17th

Friday April 18th
AM – 20km
PM – 10km

Saturday April 19th
AM – Session: 8 x long hill (400m), 8 x short hill (100m) 19km
PM – 9km

TOTAL WEEK: Approx 160km

Sunday April 20th
AM – 40.5km

If you’re looking for a challenge in 2015, then give The Buffalo Stampede a crack!
Date: 10-12 April 
For more info visit: www.buffalostampede.com.au