Compressport V2.1 Full Socks

No longer are socks just plain old cotton tubes for your feet. Nowadays they’re an important piece of apparel that can improve both performance and recovery. In this case, they look cool too! Of course you can just go the inexpensive option and keep it simple, but when you’re putting so much time and energy into your running then every single small gain is well worth a few extra pennies. And hey, who wants to skimp on something that can vastly improve your trail cred and style factor in the post event photos?

In the case of these socks there’s plenty of substance behind the style. Compression plays a major role in reducing muscle fatigue, which comes into play during a run but also as a post event recovery tool. Believe it or not, , but they’re also great for travel and I always have mine in my carryon luggage. But in specific running terms when you wear the Compressport V2.1 Full Socks you feel sensational. It’s a combination of the graduated compression and intelligent design that makes you super comfy from start to finish of an event. There aren’t points that chafe and cause blisters (At least that was the case for me) and the length of the sock acts like a calf guard, protecting you from sticks and other debris. What’s more the moisture wicking material and ventilation not only creates a very lightweight sock, but also fast drying.

For me, these are awesome for various applications, including racing, flying and post long run recovery.

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