Compressport Trail Running Short V2

They call them shorts, but here we label them tights. In this instance they’re very tight, tights. It’s amazing just how far compression garments have come. In the early days there was just Skins and 2XU, both of which don’t seem terribly compressive. To me they’re more like active wear for gym junkies. Compressport gear on the other hand is made for athletes and features true compression, in the spots where it matters. This particular product is designed for serious trail runners, particularly those that like the mountains.

They’re really comfy, with a high V-Shape waist at the top and silicon grip on the inside that keeps you upright with a feeling of support in your lower back. The overall fit is very snug which means no chaffing and plenty of comfort. The fabric is also water repellent while also being quick drying, with wicking properties to keep you dry and feeling light and fresh even on the longest runs. Another great touch is the small pockets for stashing a couple gels. It’s the simple things that matter! However one of the best features is the silicone printing, allowing you to put your hands on your thighs without slipping. This comes in handy on steep ascents where you find yourself power hiking.

The price might seem a little high, but you get what you pay for. These are extremely high quality and will last many miles on the trails. What’s more, the comfort they provide add to the enjoyment of your running, which to me is worth a few extra dollars.

RRP: $179.95

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