Chris Truscott – Starting Again

My 2013 running year was a little like a cross country event. It had ups and downs, it had technical sections and flat fast sections, it was varied and challenging but overall it left me motivated about ‘what next?’.

As I write this, I am six days running in a row into 2014 after eight weeks layoff post toe surgery. The procedure involved both big toes being operated on to remove bone spurs and required many weeks of doing nothing followed by cycling, swimming and pool running. This last activity, whilst it’s very effective in maintaining fitness, can be quite tedious and as such I leaned more toward the cycling.

The last time I had eight weeks off was in 1998 as I backpacked (with a suitcase) with a non-running mate around Europe post Rotterdam marathon. I enjoyed the time off then and I must say, I have enjoyed it recently. But I am also now itching to reclaim some fitness and start preparations for another full year.

2013 saw me compete in many races of varying distances and degrees of difficulty. I raced two completely different tracks in two weeks – 10,000m and 6ft, and both hurt! I competed in the Stromlo 31km, Canberra marathon, North Face 100km, Gold Coast 10km, City to surf, and Berlin marathon to name a few of the events I did. Most produced seemingly solid results, but ultimately I learned that whilst I was proving I was versatile, it came at a cost performance wise. I failed to nail any one of these events to the level I expected of myself. The other disappointing aspect of the year was the cancellation of the world 100km championships, in which I was selected to compete.

So I start 2014 with the goal of competing well at this year’s World 100km Champs on Aug 31st in Latvia. Between now and then, I intend to be more meticulous in my preparations and race plans so that I am continuously building until that August date. The recovery and general health of my toes remains at the forefront, so this first week of the year has simply involved running 30-40mins each day between a visit to Jindabyne and my local haunt, Centennial Park. Yes I’m puffing a little harder and the legs are heavy, but already after 6 days I am starting to gain some of that familiar rhythm back.

Over the course of the coming months, I will endeavour to convey my training progression, tips and anecdotes and hopefully you the reader will be able to connect or learn with my own training philosophy.

Until next time, keep stretching. CT

My Jindabyne base to start 2014