Chris Truscott – I’m getting there!

The Long Run is a fitting name for this website as it is in my opinion the most important run of the week. It provides the strength your legs need to deliver the speed endurance in longer races. Something I found lacking as I lined up for the Sydney Striders 10km last Sat. These last two weeks have been consistent and have included another 5km race then the 10km. Slowly I’m getting there.

1921043_503264719782863_163592439_oMon 17th – Sun 23rd

Mon: 10km easy
Tue: 6km tempo with Rejoovfitness – 19:50. PM: 5km easy
Wed: 14km along the Murrumbidgee in Wagga
Thur: 8.5km easy – Wagga
Fri: 10.5km easy – centennial park
Sat: Park run at Curl Curl 16:17 – total 12km
Sun: 30km in 2:15hr

Total – 100km

1912228_10152321181503974_1307738701_nMon 24th Feb – Sun Mar 2nd

Mon: AM: 9km, PM: 7km
Tue: AM: 10km easy, PM: 10km incl 4lap, 3lap, 2lap, 1lap (4:59,3:39,2:25,70secs)
Wed: 18km
Thur: 8km easy
Fri: 7km easy
Sat: Striders Nth Head 10km – 34:18 after a 16:40 first half (no strength).
Sun: sluggish 26km long run.

Total – 108km