Chris Truscott – Finally out of first gear!

1496632_10203560885409447_7380679438913950800_nA month ago I was describing how I was happy with how my Park run 5km time trials were progressing but I wasn’t seeing any improvements beyond that 5km distance. Finally at the recent State road 10km champs at Homebush, I lodged a decent time for me over 10km coming in at 32:31 which was a minute faster than I was hoping for. The course was excellent, the conditions perfect so it was satisfying to run well. I placed 28th (as I did in last year’s city to surf), testament to the strong field that ran. I tussled to the very end with fellow Strider Tom Highnam who again lines up beside me at this coming Sunday’s half marathon.

I feel that I am still several weeks away from true half marathon fitness but the goal is somewhere around 73:30 this weekend. We shall see how it plays out.

Mon 28/4: 16km easy pace

Tue 29/4: 10km fartlek 1min on / 30secs off – 33:45. Total 16km

Wed 30/4: AM – 10km PM – 8km

Thur 1/5: 15km easy

Fri 2/5: 7km easy

Sat 3/5: state 10km road champs – 32:31. Total 16km

Sun 4/5: 30km long run 2:10hrs

Total: 116km


Mon 5/5: 16km easy

Tue 6/5: 4 x 10mins (3:20 pace) off 2mins recovery. Total 16km

Wed 7/5: 20km steady

Thur 8/5: AM – 6km, PM – track pyramid session 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 laps off 1-2mins recovery. 17km

Fri 9/5: rest day

Sat 10/5: 12km tempo (3:38 pace) a total 15km

Sun 11/5: 26km long run at 4:24 pace

Total: 110km