Chris Truscott – A Long Way From Fit

Running to me is something I have lived for 33 years. I am in a love hate relationship with running that would rival any of the Hollywood gossip mag articles – should they ever give a rats about running that is.

10003069_10203382673308712_8310892744219013_nWhat I mean is, there is no hiding. There’s no gliding (as on a bike). It’s just one foot following the other. (Side note, I’ve just entered the 2015 Melb Ironman so I have nothing against cycling whatsoever!). What am I trying to share? Well, running deals out some tough moments and last Sunday was one of those, after I ran my slowest half marathon in almost two decades.

This blog series started with a pic of my toe post surgery (bilateral cheilectomy) that took place last Nov. I am now 5 months post surgery and I’m still getting some annoying pain and as such I’m not able to train as I know I should. The Canberra Half on the weekend showed just where I am at and how much I am behind where I know I can still be. Anyway, it was a cobweb clearing race and I’m hopeful I can improve by at least 2 minutes in a month in Sydney.

Training log Mar 31st – April 13th

Mon 31st Mar: 12km easy
Tue 1st Apr: AM: 5km jog / PM: 14km reducing pyramid 2km 6:05, 1600m 4:48, 1200m 3:39, 800m 2:27, 400m 71secs. Total 14km
Wed 2nd: 19km
Thur 3rd: 10km steady pace – 4mins
Fri 4th: 10km easy
Sat 5th: 6km tempo on the grass (19:27 (total 14km)
Sun 6th: 20km at 4:30’s

Mon 7th: 16km easy
Tue 8th: 13km incl 8x3mins (at approx 3:15 pace)
Wed 9th: 12km easy
Thur 10th: 8km easy
Fri 11th: no run
Sat 12th: 7km easy
Sun 13th: Canberra half 7th in 75:14 after 34:22 first 10km. Total 25km

10012936_716530105057170_2599811947819935124_oA mate recently mentioned that I might taper too much too often. I think he’s right so I’ll work on that moving forward. In the meantime, Rejoov Fitness is off to Australia’s Red Centre this Easter weekend for a training camp with 21 of our enthusiastic runners. Stay tuned for some spectacular pics.

Until then, keep stretching.