Centennial Park – East Sydney

3.5km loopThis is probably the most well-known place for a run in Sydney where you can spend just about all your time on grass and dirt. There are several loops and tracks you can do to create a longer course that’s a little more entertaining than just going around the white fence, but the fence is the staple.

The white fence loop, following the ruts on the inside of the barrier is approximately 3.5km. The run is mostly flat, with half being on a very slight decline and the other half being a gradual incline. The slope is barely visible to the eye but sure is obvious when you’re running!

You can run on the walking path with is tar for its entirety. This loop can become a little busy with people walking or pushing prams, but is quiet of an afternoon and perfect for a fast hitout. The distance is about 3.7km.

A full lap of the white fence plus a loop around Busby’s Pond (The pond nearest Lang Rd gates) is 5km.

Here’s a fantastic site with several different routes around the park including maps and distances: http://www.walkjogrun.net/running-routes/Australia/NSW/Centennial%20Park/

To increase the distance of your circuit you can run around the trail on the park’s perimeter, or leave the park and include Moore Park and Queens Park into your circuit to build a loop of 10km or more.

Distance: 3.5km+
Total Elevation: Negligible
Approximate Time: 15mins+