Camelbak Quick Grip

1001_black_lHandheld bottles are a love hate thing. Some people prefer to have their fluids in the palm of their hand and ready to gulp down in an instant. Others prefer to keep their hands free and rely on packs and bladders for their hydration. In our humble opinion, there’s a place for both. For shorter runs a pack is overkill, or races where there are regular aid stations. Having a handheld bottle does away with the often hot and cumbersome pack and bladder system. What’s more, a handheld bottle is super quick and easy to fill.

This particular unit is simple and effective. The bottle itself stays cool, has a great mouth-piece that features a lock so the bottle won’t leak during transportation, and when in use it releases loads of fluid with minimal effort. The shape is quite ergonomic and the volume of the bottle is ideal for runs up to 2 hours. The adjustable pack has a small pocket that holds gels, cash or other small essentials. There’s a clip for your keys, which is a very handy feature if you’re neurotic about losing things like we are! It’s actually bloody handy because if you open the pocket on the run to grab a gel, it’s easy for your keys to fall out. So this seemingly small feature is actually really important.

CAMQG12-BK-1There are all sorts of colours available, so you can find something to match your outfits. Or just go with plain black as it has timeless appeal…

Comes with a Podium Chill 21 oz bottle.

Cost: Approx $20