Camelbak Circuit

62409_mThe lightest running vest of the Camelbak range, the Circuit is small and quite minimalist, but still packs a punch. The water reservoir has a 1.5 litre capacity, which is ample for runs of up to 4 hours (Depending on your rate of consumption). For shorter jaunts when you may only half fill the bladder, it still sits well inside the pack without the annoying sloshing around that can sometimes occur. The other cool thing is the external-fill design of the bladder, which enables quick and easy access to top-up on the go – so it’s great for racing!

The front has an additional two elasticised mesh pockets for extra fluids or even squashing in a jacket, gloves or buff. They are very easy to access while running and securely hold whatever you put in there. There’s also an extra compartment that proved ideal for gels and a couple salt tabs. The other great inclusion is the sweat-proof pocket for holding your phone and car keys. This is actually a feature we really love as it means doing away with zip-lock bags and makes the phone easy to get too. We all like to take a few photos on those special runs!

The wide, adjustable shoulder straps are quite comfortable and feature breathable mesh. There was no chaffing or points of contact that became uncomfortable, which was a huge relief. The dual sternum straps make for a snug fit, although we did trim the excess material of the straps off as there was a lot. The pack itself sits quite high, much like most small vests on the market.

62409_b_mThe final thing worth mentioning is that the colours stand out in a crowd. So not only will your friends be able to see you in the pack during a race, the bright colours mean you’ll be more visible to traffic when training on the roads or trails frequented by mountain bikers.