Caine Warburton – K2D Race Prep

CW_Web_M_2Caine Warburton is one of the country’s ultra marathon running elite. Having started running at the age of 20, in the 6 years or so he’s been competing, Caine has accomplished many things that would see you thinking he were much more experienced a campaigner. But of all his achievements, there’s one that The Long Run thinks stands out above all else – 1st place and course record in the 2013 Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km road race.

For anyone aspiring to run a shorter ultra or trail marathon, such as K2D, TNF50 or the Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon, Caine’s preparation for his Kurrawa victory will hold many valuable lessons. Below is his month of training leading into the event, which by the way came off the back of the La Sportiva Lake Mountain Skyrun four weeks earlier. Of note are the inclusion of track sessions and specific work on hills. The speed side of things is something many ultra runners don’t do…might be something in it for others out there?!

CW_L_4Training Log:
Saturday 2nd Nov
(Time)/(Vertical Gain)/(Distance)
2hours/1100m/16km – Hilly trail run

Sunday 3rd Nov
2:57/350m/42km – Long road run with efforts


EnduraMonday  4th Nov
60min/60m/13.8km – Easy road run

Tuesday 5th Nov
60min/0m/10km – Track session

Ron HillWednesday 6th Nov
Strength exercises.

Thursday 7th Nov
1:18/550m/17km – Trail hill Reps

La SportivaFriday 8th Nov

Saturday  9th Nov
1:55/750m/21.5km – Hilly trail run

CompressportSunday 10th Nov
2:57/300m/42km – Long road run with efforts


Monday 11th Nov
60min/300m/13km – Easy road run

Tuesday 12th Nov
60min/0m/12km – Track session
400-1:14          400-1:13          400-1:14
800-2:38          800-2:39          800-2:40
1600-5:22        1600-5:22        1600-5:24

Wednesday 13th Nov           
Strength Exercises.

Thursday 14th Nov
1:20/700m/11km – Trail hill reps

Friday 15th Nov
Strength Exercises

Saturday 16th Nov
2hrs/1300m/18km – Hilly trail run

Sunday 17th Nov
3hrs/350m/43.3km – Long road run with efforts


Monday 18th Nov
60min/200m/ 14km – Easy road run

Tuesday 19th Nov
Track session same as last week but a bit faster this time.
400-1:12          400-1:12          400-1:13
800-2:28          800-2:29          800-2:28
1600-5:06        1600-5:10        1600-5:09

Wednesday 20th Nov
Strength Exercises

Thursday 21st Nov
68min/670m/12.5km – Trail hill reps

Friday 22nd Nov
Strength Exercises

Saturday 23rd Nov
2hrs/1100m/15km. – Hilly trail run

Sunday 24th Nov
2.5hrs/350m/35.5km – Long road run with efforts


Monday 25th Nov
60min/200m/13.5km – Easy road run

Tuesday 26th Nov
60m/0/12km – Track session
1600m, 800, 400, 400, 800, 1600m with recovery jog between of 200m.
5.10, 2:33, 1:15, 1:14, 2:30, 5:12

Wednesday 27th Nov
Strength Exercises

Thursday 28th Nov
70min/700m/12km – Trail hill reps

Friday 29th Nov
Strength Exercises

Saturday 30th Nov
90min/600m/18km – Hilly trail run

Sunday 1st Dec
60min/100m/15km – Final road long run before Race with efforts

Totals for 30 day build up

Training program put together by Andy Dubois from Mile 27 Training.

Read Caine’s K2D race report here: