Buckley’s Chance Survival Run – A Must Do in 2016!

In its inaugural year the Buckley’s Chance Survival Run has already created a stir in the endurance sports world. Proof of its success was the fantastic viewership figures from the broadcast of the one-hour documentary on December 26th 2015 on ONE. In excess of 64,000 viewers tuned in at its peak! Why? Well there are several reasons this unique event has quickly become one of the must do’s in 2016.

Michelle Bonomi, the first ever female finisherFirstly, there’s the challenge it offers athletes from a variety of backgrounds. It brings together ultra marathoners, obstacle course racers, Skyrunners, the military and a host of other people that like to test themselves against the elements and fellow competitors in an event that’s suited to no specific type of athlete. It really does take a mix of skills to complete the Survival Run challenge.

Secondly, there’s the task of tackling some of Mother Nature’s most epic and tough landscapes. Across the 75km course competitors have to endure creek crossings, thick scrub, steep climbs and muddy descents. Even those opting to just take on the 25km or 50km trail runs have to tackle this demanding terrain.

Brett Rein of the USA earning his water bottleThirdly, you have the mind games. You see, a Survival Run isn’t just about the fastest between two points. Along the way there are various tasks that need to be completed, ranging from indigenous inspired skills tests and physical challenges, to memory games. What’s more, if you fail one of thesechallenges it might mean the end of your race at the next checkpoint, because there’s a minimum number of these tasks that must be completed in order to continue.

Finally, you have the camaraderie. There’s something special about the shared journey of suffrage. You might arrive at the start line on your own, but by the finish you’ll have made friends for life. Fellow competitors who too have slogged through the mud and picked off leeches will join you at the end to exchange stories from the journey and make plans for a return visit the following year.

Sometimes failing is a victory in itselfFast Facts:

  • The event features a 75km Survival Run that features challenges specific to the terrain and indigenous history of the area.
  • In addition to the Survival Run are 50km and 25km Off-Trail Runs that take competitors through extremely tough terrain.
  • 2015 Results: 1st Tegyn Angel, 2nd Jeffrey Pritchard, 3rd Todd Hazelgrove
  • The Australian event featured the first ever female to finish a Survival Run anywhere in the world, childcare provider and single mum Michelle Bonomi.
  • The Survival Runner’s Oath: “If I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault.”
  • There were only 15 finishers in the 2015 race. Next year the team plans on making things even tougher!

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Watch the promo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA_xlC2I504