Brad Milosevic – Desire, Dedication, Determination

IMG_8276[1]These are three words my first coach Bob Sewell would repeatedly tell the training group throughout the year. Every coach has their own philosophy and my current long-standing coach Ken Green uses the five P’s when setting goals and aiming to achieve the best: Patience, Persistence, Professionalism, Prevention and Planning. Alone each is almost meaningless, but together they can go a long way to help you achieve your goals in 2015.

Bob would say to be a champion you need three things:

Desire – to be a champion.

Dedication – to do the work no matter what.

Determination – to overcome all obstacles.

It doesn’t matter what your ability is, set a goal (to become your own champion) whether it be winning a race, a new PB or finishing a marathon. Do the training set out for you ‘no matter what’ and on those hard days don’t give in.

On a more personal note I am up at Falls Creek for three weeks slogging out some hard miles to prepare myself for the long year ahead. 2014 was somewhat of a mini breakthrough year for me and I’m looking forward to running some more PB’s this year. With the support from the Sydney Running Academy (SRA), Asics and Endura I can’t wait for 2015 to get underway.

My first of three weeks training at Falls Creek was my biggest week ever in terms of mileage. I would normally sit around 130-150km most weeks throughout the year, but with nothing to do all day but recover I clocked up a few more than normal. For me my focus is definitely Wednesday’s midweek long run and Sunday’s 2hrs 15min in preparation for 10k to Marathon races.


Mon am – 16k

Pm – 8k

Tue am – Mona Fartlek (6.2km)

Pm – 8k

Wed am – 90min (22k)

Pm – 8k

Thur am – 8 x 400m (200m float recovery)

Pm – 8k

Fri am – 16k

Sat am – 16k Threshold (61min)

Pm – 8k

Sun am – 2:15 (34k)

Approx = 180km