Book Review: The Bondi to Manly Walk

People are increasingly attempting Fastest Known Times (FKT) for tracks and routes. To be honest, many of the courses popping up on the FKT website are a bit of a joke. Folks are making up random routes that no one ever has, or probably ever will, bother attempting other than themselves. My thoughts are that an FKT should be completed on a well-known loop, challenge or A to B traverse, that plenty of others have, or likely will, have a crack at. One such point to point journey is the Bondi to Manly Walk. It’s a spectacular, history-rich, twisting, turning route that links two of the most iconic beaches in Australia. Along the way passing the Opera House, crossing the Harbour Bridge and taking in countless landmarks of both the manmade and natural variety.

This aptly named guide book is a thorough and incredibly detailed description of everything this walk has to offer. I’ve lived in Sydney for a very long time and run most of the trails and paths the route utilises. Yet despite having spent hundreds of hours exploring the city, this book and the walk itself, opened my eyes to a whole plethora of other great places to run and visit in my downtime. 

Anyone planning to take on this 80km challenge would find the book to be a valuable resource. Apart from the detailed explanations and maps of where to go and what to expect, it turns a point-to-point run/walk into a history lesson. As it’s targeted at walkers, there’s also short walk options, an itinerary for multi-day hikers that includes accommodation, as well as info for families and dog walkers. So before lacing up your kicks and hitting the trails from Bondi to Manly, get your hands on a copy, as it will enrich the journey.