Black Diamond Iota Headlamp – Packs a Punch!

Whether you’re after a lightweight headlamp for early morning starts and urban night runs, or in need of a small second light as part of your mandatory gear, the Black Diamond Iota Headlamp is a nice bit of kit. It’s simple to use, weighs in at only 56g and packs a punch with 150 lumens at full power.

The rechargeable battery is quick to go from empty to full and there’s a power indicator on the side to let you know how much juice you’ve got left. The website says it has an average burn time of 3 hours at full power, which is about what we got out of it.

jak-vybrat-celovku02-440x360The ‘Powertap’ technology makes it easy to adjust between full and low power, so when you whip out a map while on the trail you can dim the light to avoid wasting battery and bright reflection. There’s also a strobe function for when you’re at a rave! The lockout feature prevents it from turning on when in your pack or pocket, which is a nice touch.

Apart from the previously mentioned features it’s very comfortable to run in with a nice headband that fits firmly while being soft. The Iota is also quite durable and splash resistant, so will get through a long run in the rain.

Cost: Approx $50