Bio Connected – Twice the Beats!

In the modern era there’s a move towards wearable tech as a means by which to improve and enrich our lives. Being a gadget guy I’m all for it. The more cool toys I can get my hands on the better! In this instance I scored a new piece of kit thanks to winning a Sydney Trail Series event. I had the option of picking from the prize table and immediately my eyes were drawn to the Bluetooth headphones. Maybe it was the red packaging with my mate Ben St Lawrence featured on it that git me. Regardless, I’d been after a pair for a while and was going to get the Apple ones, but hesitated as they seemed so…common. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome for what they do, hence why I got my wife a pair, but I wanted something different. Something more. Which is exactly what I found on the aforementioned table of prizes.

Being something I won and not a bit of kit from a sponsor or sent to me specifically for a review means I’m more likely to be brutally honest. I’m happy to admit that when it comes to reviews, while I try to avoid bias, I occasionally feel like I should find something positive to say about things that nice folks have given me. In this instance I can freely be an asshole, but unfortunately I can’t find any faults to gripe about!

These are more than just a means by which to listen to your tunes or the latest podcast you’ve downloaded. They’re fully integrated ‘biosensing’ earphones that via one of a kind tech provide heart rate data while also connecting to an intuitive app to track all your training. From mapping the courses you run and your cadence, to providing in-ear updates of your progress during a session and all the other stats you could want, these headphones are certainly not a gimmick. The data has so far been accurate, with only the occasional glitch with the auto-pause function causing me grief. The sound is fantastic and once adjusted the fit is snug. Getting the fit right took a few runs and at first it was a bit annoying when I turned my head to check for traffic because it would pull the cable. However once I tightened them up there were no issues. Also, despite their appearance they’re lightweight (17g).

The battery life is apparently 7 hours, however out of habit I find myself just plugging them in after a couple of runs. There’s also a mic on them so you can answer calls and talk hands free while on the go. What’s more the app is very intuitively designed making it quick and easy to learn how to use. So far I’ve had no issues with sweat or rain getting in nor have there been any problems with the rubber wearing, which I’ve had in the past with other headphones. The controls are on the right hand side and have three buttons. Pretty simple stuff.

In all the BioConnected Earphones have proven a great choice. I use them on most runs when I’m alone, but particularly on the days when motivation is low. I find that by having some good tunes drowning out the drone of the traffic the kilometres go by much quicker, both in terms of pace but also how I perceive time passing by. I kinda look at these as being a bit of a training aid. The last thing I want to say is that my title for this article was a creative play on words, however it was likely lost on people so I feel compelled to explain it….which suggests it’s probably a poor choice of heading. Anyway, ‘Twice the Beats’ refers to that fact I get not only my heart ‘beat’ through these headphones, but also my favourite musical ‘beats’…get it?

RRP: $299 including delivery