Bexters Soda Crystals

original_CWThere are all sorts of recovery techniques athletes use to treat soreness and fatigue, and obviously some are more effective than others. Many of the methods we use don’t have much in the way of science to support their healing powers or the claims on the packaging. One such thing is the use of Soda Crystals. It can all seem a little hippy-dippy to think that limestone shards formed into crystals can possibly help with inflammation and aching muscles. But whether it’s placebo or genuine results, regular foot baths using them, as well as the application of the crystals to my knee within a wrap seemed to work a treat.

Maybe it was the fact I was resting for an additional 30minutes of an afternoon, or that it just felt nice to soak my bashed up feet in warm water. Whatever the case, using this natural anti-inflam had a positive result and I may well become a regular user…even if it just gives me an excuse to soak in a bath tub a few times a week!

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