Believe It or Not! It’s Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be known as a modern and cosmopolitan city, famous for its myriad skyscrapers, shopping options and dining hotspots, but the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is aiming to shed light on a different side with the launch of their latest campaign Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors.

The new campaign encourages Aussies to don their active gear and set out to explore a more organic side of the city, one that is far removed from its buzzing urban centre.

To show visitors what they are missing out on, the HKTB has recruited a handful of local photographers, including: landscape photographer and a Hong Kong National Geographic 2013 photography winner, Will Cho; veteran outdoor sports photographer, Elvis Mo; a Nature Conservancy 2017 photography winner, Jessica Li; and renowned photographer, Romain Jacquet Lagreze, best-known for his “Vertical Horizon” photo series, showcasing the geometric lines of Hong Kong.

This group of talented photographers have captured these off-the-radar landscapes through their lens, highlighting the impressive views people can experience firsthand by following a series of self-guided trails listed in HKTB’s newly published guidebook “Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong”. The guidebook is available from visitor centres around the city or as an e-version and is divided into three different themes: Hiking in Heritage; Picture-Perfect Vistas; and Geological Wonders, with each section detailing suggested trails, along with the estimated time required and difficulty levels.

Visitors are free to escape the hustle and bustle of the city at their own leisure and discover the surrounding beauty whether it be spectacular cityscapes; remote beaches; rustic villages; serene islands; or historical and cultural landmarks. The guidebook also features cycling trails for those who are keen to explore at a slightly faster speed.

HKTB regional director Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, Andrew Clark said Aussies have always held a strong affection for Hong Kong but they often get caught up in the buzz and don’t explore beyond the central areas.

“We really wanted to show how much more there is on offer in Hong Kong and also how easy it is to reach. Just a taxi or MTR ride away, the green rolling hills, quaint beaches and scenic villages quickly replace the bustling urban areas. It’s a great day out for couples, friends or families,” Mr Clark said.

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