ASICS Sportstyle Launches SHIGEN 2.0 Pack

Today, ASICS Sportstyle announces the launch of the SHIGEN 2.0 Pack as a follow up to our debut SHIGEN Pack from the year prior. This pack features the GEL-NYC™ and EX89™ sneakers, which have been reconstructed using recycled materials and design influences that are inspired by the idea of recycling in Japan.

Each shoe is designed with refreshing neutral colour palettes that are offset with blue accents that reflect the hue of the country’s public trash cans, garbage trucks, and the process of sorting the trash and converting it into resources. These shoes are meant to reflect taking the idea of trash and turning it into something that’s new and beautiful.

Designed using recycled PET, recycled paper, textile, polyester, exposed net fabrics, these shoes also feature fabric materials that form a felt-like aesthetic. 17.7% of the GEL-NYC™ shoe’s weight are made with recycled materials, whereas 16.5% of the EX89™ shoe’s weight are made with recycled materials. Both sneakers also feature asymmetric tongue tags that include the recycled materials that were used to create each silhouette on the interior of the shoe.

The hybrid design of the GEL-NYC™ incorporates influences from the GEL-NIMBUS™ 3, GEL-MC PLUS™ V, and GEL-CUMULUS™ 16 shoes to reimagine the ASICS archive with a contemporary design approach. While the EX89™ shoe’s outsole pattern is meant to mirror the view of a city from the sky. This functional grip feature was initially inspired by the designer’s first business trip to the United States in 1987.

The GEL-NYC™ and EX89™ sneakers will launch Friday, October 20th, in White/Dolphin Blue on ASICS Sportstyle online and in select stores for $230 (GEL-NYC™) and $200 (EX89™). 

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