ASICS Gel-Kayano 19

Now entering two decades in its lifespan, the Kayano has long been known as a high quality and technically advanced shoe. Obviously, the current machination we’re reviewing is an evolution on the previous. While some shoe brands simply change the terms they use to describe things and pass that off as genuine advances in design, in the case of the 19 there are notable differences in both comfort and technology.

t300n_7092_4First thing though is the appearance. There are many colours and styles available, so you’ll find something to suit most fashion tastes. We love the neon green as it stands out in the crowd and the high visibility is safer when running around the city.

Now, according to ASICS they’ve gone above and beyond to improve running efficiency. This is achieved by a slight decrease in the weight of the shoe, better energy transfer through to the toe-off, a more flexible forefoot and a more responsive sole. Whatever they’ve done, it works! The shoes are deceptively…well, fast. They don’t look like a lightweight trainer, but they perform a lot like one. Plus they’re quite comfortable, particularly in long runs where you find yourself spending a bit of time on the tar or concrete paths. That said, we don’t recommend them for speed sessions as they can feel a bit clunky at high speeds. While these developments are great for some, for others the Kayano lacks pronation control. As such, this shoe is not advised for over pronators. In all honesty, it lacks support throughout. For a neural runner and those on low mileage, this is fine. For heavy runners, high mileage athletes or those with foot strike issues, this shoe is lacking.

AS50595-asics-gel-kayano-19-soleOverall the Kayano 19 is a very comfortable shoe with a fit that will suit most foot shapes. The lacing system allows for a snug feel and upper is flexible and forms around your feet well. They’re ideal as a general runner for mild over pronators or those with a neutral foot strike. You could probably expect to get a maximum of 1,000km of running in them before needing replacing.

RRP: $250