Andrew Lee – Bogong2Hotham Prep

Andrew_LeeAndrew Lee is one of the nations top ultra marathoner’s. His exploits include victories in the likes of The North Face 100 and 6FT Track as well as representing Australia at the World Mountain Running Champs. Andrew’s next challenge is this weekend’s Bogong to Hotham. Also known as the Rooftop Run, it’s an incredible 64km race in the Victorian high country and one of the toughest in the country.

TNF100-2013_8When it comes to his training, Andrew is a very open and honest bloke, happy to freely share his knowledge and preparation techniques with people. We’re privileged to have been sent his training diary for the last 11 weeks. This pretty much tracks his preparation for this Sunday’s Bogong to Hotham. Of note within his program is that Andrew features a mix of Mount Solitary Hill repeats with his staple/regular Glenbrook to Woodford runs. This was interspersed with shorter easier runs and the occasional sharper or pushed session (2 or 3 x 5.7km single track loops in Glenbrook National Park with 1min recovery in between). According to Andrew, unlike other previous build ups in which he has been inflexible despite how he felt, this time around a lot of his training was dependent on how he was recovering from previous sessions and general fatigue. It’s a big effort to achieve all that he has and will surely continue to do into the future when you consider he fits everything in around his family (with 4 kids!) and work commitments.

The Long Run wishes Andrew the best of luck as he tackles the challenge of Bogong2Hotham. We will have a race report next week.

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