A First Time Marathoner Part 3: Running Addict Checklist

5197327623_dde9c65af0After several good weeks of training I can admit that yes, I am addicted. I have resigned myself to the fact I love running, and I think I can now call myself a runner! It has become an obsession, but it’s a pretty good one I think. After all, it’s a healthy habit to have. So it got me thinking, what makes someone a runner? At what point do you go from being a person that enjoys a jog or does the occasional canter for a bit of exercise, to being a fully fledged ‘Runner’? With that in mind I have developed a checklist of the behaviours I feel are indicative that you too have the running affliction.

–       You own more pairs of running shoes than dress shoes. I’m talking a lot more.

–       You have lost or currently are missing toenails from running too far and too fast.

–       You spend Saturday nights drinking Endura and Gatorade instead of beer and margaritas to ensure you are going to be adequately hydrated for your Sunday long run.

–       You spend an hour (at least) every Monday morning at work downloading all the data from your Garmin from the previous weeks training.

–       You spend an hour (at least) every Friday on Map My Run planning the route for your Sunday long run.

–       You spend an hour (at least) every day reading articles and forums from Cool Running, The Long Run, The Science of Running, Lets Run, Runners World and any other website that has anything to do with running.

–       You view food purely as fuel – I now go shopping for carbs, fats & protein.

–       You’ve discovered blisters and chaffing and the fact that they can happen anywhere, and I mean anywhere!

–       A productive day is any day you go running regardless of if you did anything else that day.

–       The first thing you pack when you go on holidays is your running gear.

If you have ticked yes to 6 or more of these I am sorry, or should I say happy, to say you too are addicted and no you don’t need help, just more running buddies to help you get your fix!