A first Time Marathoner – I Hope!

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed stretch of tar along the south east coast. It features beautiful sweeping views of the Bass Strait and Southern Ocean as you drive along the tranquil coastline that meanders and undulates its way from Torquay to Allansford.

runningpicIt sounds like a must do holiday attraction and one that I eagerly jumped at when suggested to me by my boyfriend. But the problem is it won’t be the tranquil picture I’ve painted. I’m heading south to RUN the Great Ocean Road! I’ll be stomping and struggling my way up and down those undulations on a marathon journey of 45kms from Lorne to Apollo Bay. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it, it’s just that I am also horrified about doing a marathon!

I have attempted to train for a marathon before but have never been able to get beyond 20kms due to chronic shin splints. So after numerous visits to physios, podiatrists, sports doctors and witches I am finally injury free and ready to do it. By that I mean I’m going to attempt to do the training to be able to do the 45kms. I ‘ve done plenty of shorter races like the Gold Coast 10k, City2Surf and the SMH Half Marathon, but I have always looked at the marathoners and thought “They’re crazy! Why would anyone want to run that far and how do they do it?!” But as I went to more and more races and watched the people doing them I realised they looked like normal folks. People who probably have normal jobs and normal friends and family. So I started thinking maybe you don’t have to be a super-crazy runner who does nothing but train and eat energy bars and drink Gatorade in order to run a marathon. Maybe I could do it!

So that’s why I’m keeping this blog of my journey. To show everyone that you don’t have to be a super human to get through a marathon. Just a normal person with a goal and some determination.