Caine Warburton – Back on Track

DCIM100DRIFTThroughout the 2013 season I raced a lot and had some great results but I was always carrying some injury or niggle. Be it the Plantar Fascia, Hamstring, Groin or Knee something was always not quite right and I was constantly running a modified training plan to accommodate. So after my win and course record at the K2D 50km in December I had planned to take a 2 week break to rest and recover from the year that was and see if I could shake the issues before my biggest season ever in 2014.

Usually this length of break would be more than enough time! Throughout 2013 I had been recovering more or less in 7 days. For example over the April/May period I raced a PB Half marathon, PB marathon, 50km trail race, 5000m track race and 400m track race in a 5 week period without too many issues.

However these things tend to catch up with you sometimes when you don’t listen to your body, and I think now I am finally paying my dues for a busy 2013 racing season. So the planned 2 weeks has turned into 4 weeks and it’s only just now I am able to start some slow running to try and nurse my body back into shape.

Training Log:

Saturday 11th Jan
Bike: 2.5hrs/250m/ 80km
Ride with Team Random cycling club including pace efforts. My first ride over 1.5hours in about 3 years, managed to hold on to the pace makers and didn’t get dropped – Shattered afterwards.

Sunday 12th Jan

Monday 13th Jan
Run: 8km/0m/35min
Slow road run testing injuries

Bike: 60min/587m/31km
Hilly hour ride in arvo

Tuesday 14th Jan
Bike: 90min/302m/45.2km
Easy afternoon ride

Wednesday 15th Jan

Thursday 16th Jan
Run: 12km/0m/52:27min
Easy flat road run injuries still a bit niggly so kept the pace under wraps.

Friday 17th Jan
Run: 12km/200m/51:21min
Easy Hilly road run, feeling the injuries a bit today on the hills but still holding together.

Saturday 18th Jan
Small amount of running specific exercises.

Sunday 19th Jan
Run: 60min/100m/15km
Easy flat run with 2x3km easy pick ups to 3:35-3:50min/km. Feeling good today, everything holding together and the pace came easier than expected.

Monday 20th Jan
Strength: 50min
1080 repetitions of various dynamic running exercises.

Tuesday 21st Jan
Run: 60min/0m/11km
Track session 5x 1200m with 60sec rest. Easing back into speed with reps between 3:49-3:54. I would usual be around 3:40-45 with these when in form but happy with the times considering its been over a month off.

Wednesday 22nd Jan
Run: 12.4km/150m/54:36min
Easy morning run with small undulations
Bike: 60min/108m/30.9km
Easy post run spin flushing the legs out, felt great to get out on the bike after the run a really nice way to recover the legs.

Thursday 23rd Jan
Strength: 50min
1200 repetitions of various dynamic running exercises.

Friday 24th Jan
Run: 7km/50m/34min
Was meant to be 60min but knee strangely playing up. Cut it short to hopefully salvage long run tomorrow.

I am still holding on the idea of racing the Tarawera Ultra marathon in March which will really be dependent on how things progress over the next 7 days. Fingers crossed!

Happy Running,

Caine Warburton

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