5 Epic Multi-Day Missions

Looking for an epic challenge and don’t have the time or finances to do one of the big international stage races? Well here’s five multi-day missions that you can do whenever time and cash flow allow, and best of all, they’re right here in the land Down Under!

1. The Tasmania Trail, TAS
Made for hikers and off-road cyclists alike, this 480km trail goes from Devonport on the north coast of Tassie, all the way to the southern coast at Dover. It passes over mixed terrain, from country roads and forestry tracks, to rainforest trails and fire roads. Along the way it’s easy to find your way to civilisation to resupply or get accommodation. Best done in the warmer months.
More info: http://www.tasmaniantrail.com.au/

2. Larapinta Trail, NT
Located in the West McDonnell Range, not far from Alice Springs in central Australia, this is one for those that want to see the heart of the nation. It’s 223km in length and traverses and relatively tame route that isn’t loaded with big climbs or vast amounts of technical trail. It’s also accessible from various points along the way, so you can easily get support crew. Best done in the cooler months.
More info: https://www.larapintatrail.com.au/

3. Cape to Cape Track, WA
At 135km in length, it’s not quite an epic in terms of distance, but it makes up for it with scenery. Each end of this track are accessible by road, with the northern entrance being at Cape Naturaliste near Donsborough in southern WA, and the southern end of the track at Cape Leeuwin. Along the way there are plenty of campgrounds and you’re never really far from civilisation, so it’s an ideal 2 or 3 day mission for those new to multi-day adventures. Good year round.
More info: http://www.capetocapetrack.com.au/

4. The Great North Walk, NSW
Travelling from the heart of Sydney and north to Newcastle, this iconic 250km hike covers several national parks and links urban centres with beautiful natural environs. There’s Aboriginal rock art and great scenery throughout the journey. The terrain is challenging, with lots of hills, technical sections and no shortage of mud after even minimal rain. There are plenty of access points along the way and train stations too, so it’s a piece of cake to get crew along the way. Best done in the cooler months.
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_North_Walk

5. The Australian Alps Walking Track, VIC, NSW, ACT
This is one for the practiced or the crazy! It’s 650km in length, going from Canberra to Walhalla, traversing the high country of Australia. Much of the trail is in remote areas where the weather can be changeable, so it’s best you’ve got some backcountry experience. The landscapes range from arid farmland to snow-capped mountaintops, and there’s no shortage of wildlife to be seen along the way. Best done in late Spring or mid autumn when there’s less snow and the temperatures are generally mild.
More info: https://theaustralianalps.wordpress.com/experience/aawt/