4 Weeks Until TNF100

The North Face 100km - 2014Just four weeks until The North Face 100 ultramarathon takes place in the Blue Mountains. The event will see a number of elite international athletes compete against Australia and New Zealand’s strongest ultramarathon competitors. While top elites battle it out for podium finishes, a whole host of runners, experienced and amateur will take on the challenge of the 100km course or 50km course.

The event this year will host runners from twenty different countries, proving both the race and the Blue Mountains are highly sought after worldwide. The North Face 100 is part of the Ultra Trail World Tour, one of ten of the most emblematic trail running races in the world. Drawing over 2000 participants and thousands more spectators and supporters, the race brings new life Katoomba.

The North Face 100km - 2014The challenging trail-run through sandstone canyons, eucalypt valleys, and breath-taking ridge top panoramas of the Blue Mountains will bring together a unique fusion of athleticism, environmental immersion, and self-fulfilment.

This ambitious group of travellers and adventurers will walk away from this event with unforgettable memories, close kinships with fellow runners and an affinity for the Blue Mountains, where they pushed themselves to their limits and conquered an incredible pursuit.

We would be pleased to have you witness this spectacular event. Please get in touch for any media enquiries, to arrange any interviews with elite athletes or participants or to learn more about the event.

Event information: www.thenorthface100.com.au