10 New Years Resolutions Every Runner Should Make

With 2018 just around the corner, instead of making a bold commitment to running an epic race somewhere or train harder, here’s a list of things that are easy to do and great for your running. The more of them you can do the better!

  1. Sleep more

It’s only when we sleep that we are really recovering. Try to get at least 7 hours a night and ideally 8.

  1. Drink less alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional drink, but consuming half a bottle of red a night or binging are no good for your health. Aim to have a minimum of three alcohol free nights a week.

  1. Eat healthier

Even the most disciplined amongst us can improve our diets. Don’t obsess over trail runner fads like high fat/low carb or veganism. Eat a balanced diet with a mix of protein and iron sources.

  1. Stretch once a week

There are folks out there still preaching the no static stretching myth. The best sportsmen and women do it regularly because it works, even if it just forces you to sit and relax for a while when you do it.

  1. Do regular weights

Other than running, strength work is one of the best things for improving your performance. A weekly session focusing on strength/power will do wonders for you!

  1. Get a monthly massage

Most folks only get a massage when they’re really sore or injured. It’s best to schedule a regular one in to avoid these things from occurring. Once a month as a minimum, ideally though, double that amount would be great.

  1. Drink more water

It’s something we all need to do. Water is the most important part of our diets, so get plenty in, particularly immediately after training. Drink less sports drink, alcohol or coffee and get more of the clear stuff in.

  1. Get a coach (If you have one already, sit with them and review the year that was)

Doing your own thing will get you fit, but a coach will help you get the most out of yourself. They are not only responsible for telling you when to run and how much, but more importantly they are there to tell you when not to run and rest! Plus getting a coach often means you will also get yourself a squad to train with. Apart from helping you push in sessions, they’ll also become friends too.

  1. Race less, but race better

It’s easy to get sucked into racing every few weeks. There are loads of awesome events out there and no one likes to miss out. However often this can lead to sub par performances or eventual injury. So in 2018 pick a couple major goals and stay focussed. Do one or two shorter distance lead up events, but treat them as hard training.

  1. Challenge yourself

It’s easy to always do the things we’re good at, so at least once in the year do a race that’s completely out of the ordinary for you. For example, if you’re a road runner or just like the flatter stuff, then enter a technical mountain race. If you’re a mountain goat, then hit a road race and give running fast a go.